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Day one of the Thriving Together campaign was World Population Day, 11 July 2019, when the Margaret Pyke Trust announced the first 150 organisations to support the campaign. The Trust and its partners now want to build a movement, to change global policy to recognise the importance of removing barriers to family planning as an appropriate cause for conservationists to embrace, for the sake of their missions, for the lives of women and children and for a better world.

If your organisation might be interested in learning more about how to:

  • Get involved with this campaign
  • Support our work to change global policy
  • Develop a Gender Action Plan
  • Find a potential project partner to develop a cross sectoral project
  • Learn about Population Health and Environment projects

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There are many ways for individuals to get involved.

Social media

We believe this campaign is the start of a movement for change. We want the same attention given to barriers to family planning as is given to single use plastic, the illegal wildlife trade, climate change, deforestation and other more commonly discussed environmental issues. They are all important, there is no one single response to the biodiversity challenges we face, and we must employ all the strategies we have. Removing barriers to family planning is one. So get involved on Twitter, follow @MargaretPyke and use #ThrivingTogether to share why you are a champion for removing barriers to family planning.